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APRAMO FLIPPA - Booster Seat with Transportation Bag

by Apramo

APRAMO FLIPPA - Booster Seat with Transportation Bag

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42,50 €

Booster Seat with Transportation Bag, light, easy to transport and close, by APRAMO Flippa.


Easy to close in 3 easy steps;

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Removable tray - use chair when tray is not needed;

Feet adjuster - 4 rubber feet can easily adjust to different height as well as providing stability and convenience;

Built-in aluminum legs - Much lighter than other kinds of dining booster;

Safety standard EN 16120:2010 - This standard specifies safety requirements and the corresponding test methods for chair mounted seats intended for children able to sit unaided up to an age of 3 years or a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Age: from time baby is able to sit unaided to 3 years.
Child weight: up to 15kg.