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Girl's Shoe Pink "Fairy" BOBUX

by Bobux

Girl's Shoe Pink "Fairy" BOBUX

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The soft soled leather shoes that stay on!

Natural leather allowing feet to breathe.

Soft leather uppers allowing feet to grow naturally without restrictions.

Flexible leather soles for healthy foot development as recommended by paediatricians.

"Elastomatic" ankle support sytem ensures Bobux shoes are easy to put on and they stay on.

Super soft natural leather's 'breathability' helps absorbs sweat in summer and keeps little feet warm in winter.

Bobux Eco-leather is soft and gentle next to newborn skin and moulds around baby's feet allowing them to develop naturally with out restriction of movement.


3XL - (3-4 anos)       EU 26 - 28,    UK 8,5 - 10,         US 9,5 - 11;

4XL - (4-5 anos)       EU 28 - 30     UK 10 - 11,5,       US 11 - 12,5.